During your climbing holiday, your arrival at Wadi Rum will stay engraved in your memory.  The enchanting rock faces on either side of the valley promise ascents matching your dreams and silencing the most blasé of climbers. 

Standing as if by a miracle on the desert sand, the enormous sandstone rock-faces attract the climber like the poles of a magnet


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SANDSTONE, an intriguing word which in this case is a synonym for ‘exceptional grip’. A certain knowledge of the rock allows us to fully appreciate the stronger and weaker points of the rock. The rock varies from a kind of sandcastle (light coloured rock) to the compact walls (darker rock). Each face calls out to be climbed, so it is up to you to choose those that suit your climbing fantaisies.

Those accustomed to climbing in top European sites will at first be thrown. With no fully equipped routes and little permanent equipment, this area epitomizes an adventure playground where you need to improvise all the time.



. The climber has to let his imagination run free! Protection (nuts, friends and slings) has to be added and removed by us, since ‘clean climbing’ and autonomy are considered as the ‘green cross code’ of the area.


Having overcome your first emotions, you will experience a unique climb.  The routes of 100-500m run along the length of the crazy and mischievous crack systems, through the Taffounis walls on the ever-changing contours, and all of stunning variety.

 The walks up to the rock faces are reduced to nothing thanks to the use of a 4x4.  Every route has a bivouac in the desert for welcome relaxation after the long hours of climbing.

A minimum level of 5 in Second is necessary to enjoy climbing in this area to the full.