Who is Lizard Life ?

The Middle East is known to be a tormented area these days, but it also contains a country of unforgettable natural beauty: Jordan -- a country better known for its cultural tourism than for any vague desire to fight for expansion. This country, led by a constitutional Monarchy, has always had the good sense to preserve peace on its land. In fact, Jordan is, for the visitor, an Eden of stability and gentleness, surrounded by the economic and political conflicts of the neighbouring countries.

This country, created in the twentieth century from parts of the Ottoman Empire, was originally inhabited solely by Bedouins and shepherds, but this all changed when it welcomed a number of Palestinian refugees who now make up about two thirds of the population. The traditional Bedouin culture has nonetheless stayed at the forefront of local behaviour: meaning that a special welcome and ongoing hospitality make up part of the countryís unique character.

Geographically the land, which is mainly desert, conceals treasures of contrast and variety. The rift of the Dead Sea, a true joining scar between the Arabic and African plates, reveals a number of preserved gems to the sport seeker, trekker, canyoner or climber. Whether itís the newly discovered canyons in the north, or the legendary massif of Wadi Rum in the south, each region possesses an unfailing magic calling out to you to explore its land and get to know its locals.

Jordan is a many-faceted jewel, and it is for this reason that I invite you, through the humidity and aridness, to discover the variety of sporting activities naturally available in this country. Whatís more, by your selecting the activities and the extent to which you wish to do them, the trip can be tailor-made to suit the desires of everyone.