The Country:
  • 89000 square km Population: 5200 000
  • Capital: Amman
  • Inhabitants: ⅓Bedouin ⅔Palestinian
  • Language: Arabic – English
  • Religion: Tolerant Muslim 90% of pop
    Christian Minority
  • Currency: Jordan Dinar (JD) 1€ = 0,8JD

Biblical land (kingdom/realm of Edom, Moab, Ammon), Land of the Crusades, Nabatean Kingdon and founder of the unmissable Petra.

 At the crossroads of our present-day civilisations. Today Jordan is ruled by a constitutional monarchy which has been led since 1999 by Abdullah, son and successor of Hussein.


Palais des OMEYADES

  • Valid Passport
  • No obligatory vaccines
  • Personal insurance to cover these activities
  • Visa at airport (price – 10JD) and then a free update after 15 days at local police station.
  • Money – Euros can be used without a problem. VISA works throughout the country.
  • Air ticket – flights daily from Europe and cost between 300 and 450€ (£200 and £300) with KLM, Alitalia, Air France, BA


Transports / transfer :

  • Minibus and 4x4




Clothing and equipment :

What should I bring? - The question is tricky.
It can be as hot as cold. Light clothes for the day and a good fleece for the evenings in the bivouac and you should be covered!

Remember that we are in an Islamic country. To suit local behaviour, one should keep shoulders and knees covered. The Bedouins and Jordanians are generally restrained people but whilst in isolated areas they will accept clothing such as shorts or a light-weight outfit.

Not exhaustive list :

  • Sleeping-bag
  • Pair of lightweight, trekking shoes, sandals
  • Hat, sunglasses, sun cream
  • Personal medicines and insect-repellent
  • Torch/ headlamp
  • Lightweight trousers and shorts
  • Shorts and long-sleeve cotton/breathable T-shirts
  • Fleece
  • Swim wear (Red Sea is very close by)
  • Water bottle
  • .....

 For those intending to climb: harness, figure of eight/ abseil device

For those intending to canyon: equipment and wetsuits will be supplied



N.B. It is possible to mix these activities, adapt the length of your stay, etc.
Please contact us with any queries.

The tariffs have been calculated to the lowest possible fee and go down according to the number of people.


Climbing (2 persons)  Bedouin routes  

from 610 €/person

1 000 € each

from 500 €/person