An area not to be missed on any tourist tour around the country is the desert site of WADI RUM which has been described using all the superlatives available: a spot not to be missed. It was made popular by the film: 'Lawrence of Arabia', after the book ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’.

No one visits this area without being greatly touched by its magic: expanses of sand on which a divine hand seems to have left the Jebels, cathedrals of stone in ornate forms that go on as far as the eye can see.


Since antiquity, the local hunters frequented these Jebels discovering the amazing routes that you will follow by a judicious combination of walking and climbing. 

During these wild treks, you will learn to move around ridges, domes and canyons in a mineral world, sometimes breathtakingly high, along complex causeways which leads hear hidden Nabatean engravings and there wild mint garden.




Accompanied by Bedouin guides, the incontestable masters, with unequalled knowledge of the area, we are shown how to outwit the quirks of the mountain and appreciate the subtleties of the terrain: an amazing way of accessing the breathtaking sceneries.





These itineraries are achievable for the vast majority of people. Sometimes a Level III (climbing) will break up the regularity of the easy climb and sometimes we will get the rope out for an abseil in order to avoid a tricky area.


Every evening in our bivouac under the stars or in a Bedouin camp, you will have time to relax and reflect without restraint or enjoy the discovery of this people that straddles tradition and modernity and always offers the visitor its memorable hospitality.